timberframeconstTimber framed structures differ from conventional wood framed buildings in several ways. Timber framing uses fewer, larger wooden members, commonly using timbers with dimensions in the range of 6″ to 12″. Common wood framing uses many more timbers with their dimensions usually in the 2″ to 10″ range. The methods of fastening the frame members also differ. In conventional framing the members are joined using nails or other mechanical fasteners while timber framing uses mortise and tenon or more complex joints which are usually fastened using only wooden pegs. Also see our page on Custom Column Bases.
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Timber Framing

The joining of large timbers by mortise and tenon and wooden pegs.



Posts & Beams

Base structure for large timber framing.



Sculpted & Radius Brackets

Corbels and kneebraces custom made.



Radius Framing/Cornice Components

Mass produce with accuracy curved rough framing rafter tails and trim.



Custom Hewn & Vintage Mantels

Mantels of new timbers made the old way with old tools 200-400 years old.



Old Barn Wood Shutters

Simple plank shutters made to look like reclaimed barn siding or actual.



Custom Millwork

Timbers custom sized, shaped and textured.



Hybrid Timber Frame

Trusses that aren’t required to support the house…for decorative purposes. Also see our page on Hollow Timber Construction.

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